The Recorder Sonatas by Georg Friedrich Handel

with Wiebke Weidanz, harpsichord (Accent, Jan. 2019).

On the CD cover the faces of Stefan Temmingh and harpsichordist Wiebke Weidanz merge. Musically this unity is audible. They breathe and shape the music together and respond to each other’s ornaments – thus creating the desired harmony, but also the artistic tension required between two soloists on eye level. This lays the foundation for an interpretation that once again sets artistic standards.

Handel wrote the six recorder sonatas for his harpsichord lessons with Princess Anne. The harpsichord part is unusually virtuosic. For the recorder it is about much more than a pure acrobatic performance: Stefan Temmingh believes that the high art consists in shaping Handel’s almost vocal lines. It is not without reason that these works are counted among the most demanding and beautiful repertoire for his instrument.

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