Temmingh Mields Telemann

Cantatas & Instrumental Works

with Dorothee Mields & The Gentleman’s Band (Accent, Oct. 2020).

Recorder player Stefan Temmingh and soprano Dorothee Mields have been working together intensively for seven years – an ideal musical partnership and friendship. Together they have performed concerts all over the world!

Their third joint CD (after “Inspired by Song” and “Birds”) with works by Georg Ph. Telemann was released in autumn 2020.

Telemann’s music for the rather drastic texts of the three cantatas for soprano and recorder (from the Harmonische Gottesdienst) is ingenious and vibrant. In the captivating interpretation of the two soloists each cantata becomes a small, religious drama. In the instrumental works, mostly trio sonatas, Stefan Temmingh shows not only his expressiveness, but also that Telemann could compose for the recorder like no other.

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