Opposites attract

Hasse and J.S. Bach ‒ the works and stylistics of the two composers could not be more different: religiousness and counterpoint encounter sensuous, erotic melodies. However, opposites attract. Thus, it is not astonishing that they were friends, as C.P.E Bach wrote.

Benno Schachtner (countertenor)
Stefan Temmingh (recorder)
Wiebke Weidanz (harpsichord, lute-harpsichord & chest organ)
Domen Marinčič (viola da gamba & violoncello)

Stefan Temmingh

“The phenomenal recorder player and the countertenor singing with deeply-felt emotions are presenting these pieces with brilliance.“FONO FORUM

“[Benno Schachtner’s] beautiful countertenor with its youthful timbre is equally fascinating with Bach and Hasse. And Stefan Temmingh’s vivid recorder playing is a special treat for the ears.“OPERNGLAS


Stefan Temmingh
Stefan Temmingh


© Harald Hoffmann