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Stefan Temmingh & Benno Schachnter

Bach & Hasse  –  Opposites attract

Benno Schachtner (countertenor)
Stefan Temmingh
Wiebke Weidanz (harpsichord, lute-harpsichord & chest organ)
Domen Marinčič (viola da gamba & violoncello)


New CD with Accent, April 2016:
get flash Hasse: Scrivo in te    get flash Per te di lieto Aprile    get flash Bach: Die Obrigkeit ist Gottes Gabe
get flash Hasse: Cantata per flauto (Allegro)    get flash Bach: Kein Arzt ist außer dir zu finden

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Hasse and J.S. Bach ‒ the works and stylistics of the two composers could not be more different:
religiousness and counterpoint encounter sensuous, erotic melodies. However, opposites attract.
Thus, it is not astonishing that they were friends, as C.P.E Bach wrote.


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