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Trombone Unit Hannover

Trombone Unit Hannover

"(...) incredibly smooth playing with ever changing tempi and amazing combinations of chords (...) a perfect interaction and a musical quality above any doubts."  –  Das Orchester

"Virtuosity to burn and precision, energy and personality"  –  Fanfare

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"Excellent technique (...) combined with passion and a huge variety of sounds and expressions (...) which one would not have believed possible." wrote the Neueste Badische Nachrichten about the Trombone Unit Hannover. The eight young trombonists are the first ensemble of its kind to ever have won the German Music Competitione (2011). Since then, they are invited to perform at major festivals throughout Germany and Europe. They even played in Brazil, together with legendary Christian Lindberg. Their dedication to their instrument, their high level of artistic expression and their authenticity have opened a commpletely new view on the beauty of trombone sound.


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LISTEN: CD "Full Power"
get flash Osteoblast — Derek Boureois
get flash Rossini's Visit To Beethoven — Daniel Schnyder (from the trombone quartet)
get flash The Pharao's Funeral — Daniel Schnyder (from the trombone quartet)
get flash Flying Carpets — Daniel Schnyder (from the trombone quartet)
get flash Under the Pillow, for four trombones — Christian Lindberg
get flash Bolos — Folke Rabe, Jan Bark
get flash Eerste Trombone Kwartet (first Movement) — Saskia Apon
get flash Olympia, for eight trombones — Daniel Schnyder

More audio samples
get flash Basse danse, bergeret — Tielman Susato
get flash Pavane, pass et medion — Tielman Susato
get flash Music for the Royal Fireworks — George Frideric Handel

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