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Johannes Fischer

JOHANNES FISCHER  –  Percussionist

"He doesn't just make music, he is music. (..) His expressiveness and creativity were impressive - unique and unforgettable moments. " — Das Orchester, Mainz, Germany

"It was simply overwhelming how magnificently Johannes Fischer played. (..) The 26-year-old made music with a pleasure and an agility that made even watching a real enjoyment." — Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Munich, Germany

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Johannes Fischer is the “percussion magician” (Berliner Morgenpost) and he uses his infallible technique to coax a fascinating variety of enchanting sounds from his instruments.  His incredible lightness of touch, overwhelming musical joy and his sensitivity prove that managing the enormous range of percussion instruments – from solo recitals to performances as a soloist with symphony orchestras – has little to do with pure muscle power.
Winner of the 56th ARD Music Competition, he is an internationally sought-after soloist and a passionate chamber musician who has been working with conductors and composers such as Heinz Holliger, Harrison Birtwhistle, Kirill Petrenko, Peter Eötvös or Pierre Boulez. In addition, Johannes Fischer is a composer; his works are performed, e.g., at the Lucerne Festival Academy and in the Louvre, Paris. Since 2009 he has been percussion professor at the college of music in Lübeck.


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