andreas janotta
Stefan Temmingh

BIRDS  –  Birds in Baroque Music

CONCERT PROJECT 2018 & 2019:
Stefan Temmingh
(Recorder & Direction)  &  Dorothee Mields (Soprano)
with lautten compagney BERLIN

"An iridescent and sparkling aviary full of treasures (…) Stefan Temmingh manages a precision landing (…)
his ‘Birds’ are an ear-catcher!" —

CD with SONY/dhm  –   ECHO KLASSIK Award 2016 as Instrumentalist of the Year (flute)
(with The Gentleman's Band & La Folia Barockorchester)
get flash La Poule get flash Augelletti, Che Cantate get flash Il Gardellino get flash Warbling The Birds Enjoying get flash Sweet Bird

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Birds in baroque music are the theme of the CD of recorder player and ECHO Award winner Stefan Temmingh and soprano Dorothee Mields. The recording is very close to the hearts of both soloists: Dorothee Mields adores birds and Stefan Temmingh’s home country South Africa is famous for its colourful bird species. In baroque music, birds were very popular, too – and there is lots of repertoire from Handel’s “Sweet Bird” to Vivaldi’s “Il Gardellino”, but also works by other composers such as Couperin, Fedeli, Rameau, Keiser, Torri etc. 
On the CD one can hear many different birds such as the nightingale, the goldfinch, the cuckoo, chickens, doves and several others – sometimes virtuosic and exuberant, sometimes witty and excited, but also intimate and touching. Of course, this project is about more than just reproducing bird sounds: Very often love and spring are the more or less obvious topics. For centuries, people have associated specific emotions with certain birds. Every species has its own symbolism, e.g. the nightingale stands for the beauty of love, and the cuckoo for betrayal. 


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