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Axel Wolf

AXEL WOLF  –  Lute & Theorbo

"The very first notes make clear that in his case sincerity and serenity are combined in an ideal way with technical brilliance - delightful playing completely without strain." — Concerto, 2005

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Axel Wolf, who touches the listener’s soul with each note” (AZ Munich) is an internationally leading lutenist. His concert programmes show how strong and elegant, how diverse and sensuous baroque lute music can be. Axel Wolf explores the entire spectrum of his instrument with authenticity and great musical presence.
His repertoire ranges from lively arrangements of Italian opera arias to the intimate spirituality of Johann Sebastian Bach. His solo and duo performances, and also his performances with renowned ensembles and orchestras and his countless CD and radio recordings make Axel Wolf one of the most prominent players of his instrument.


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LISTEN to Axel performing:
get flash Suonata III (Allegro) — J. A. Hasse 4:12
get flash Perfidi, non godete — J. A. Hasse 5:02
get flash Fantasia — J. S. Bach 3:58
get flash Toccata XXIII — A. Piccini 2:55
get flash Chiaconna in partite variate — A. Piccini 3:37

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